Losing Weight starts with your mindset
Written by Baron Grant on July. 2nd 2019
Losing weight is a funny thing.  Because so many people are trying to make money out of the weight loss industry, and individuals are trying to find the easiest way to lose weight, it has all of a sudden become very confusing. The fact is, that losing weight is actually very simple.  

If we want to lose weight, it is less about the eating plan/exercise plan that we are on and far more about our mindset. If we don't have the right mindset, we will no doubt fail. Most people don't give up on diet plans because the diet plan doesn't work. They quit simply because they do not have their head in the right place.


Imagine a bucket full of crabs. One crab turns to the other and says, “Mate, if we stay in here, we’re getting eaten for sure. I’m getting out of here.” The other crab responds by saying, “Nah mate, we’ll be alright. There’s no way you can climb out this bucket anyway. The edges are too high and it’s much too slippery. You better stay here with us.”

The first crab is not having a bar of it. He starts his journey out of the bucket. Working extremely hard, he gets one claw over the edge. “I’m doing really well!” he tells himself. “In another minute or so I’ll be free!” At least that’s what he thought. As he struggles to get his second claw out of the bucket, his three 'mates' at the bottom of the bucket drag him back down. “What are you doing? It’s not safe out there! Stay with us.” We all know what happened next. The crabs in the bucket were eaten.

Every day you’ll encounter people just like those crabs at the bottom of the bucket. For whatever reason, they don’t want you to achieve your goals. Sometimes, they simply don’t believe you can. Maybe it’s because they haven’t achieved their own goals, or they want to play it safe.                                                                                                       

The naysayers are everywhere, whatever the reason, Arnold Schwarzenegger said it best: “Ignore all the naysayers.” It sounds so simple. And a lot of the time the naysayers are people you love. They’re your husband or your wife, your family members or your friends. And because we love these people, we value their opinions. At the same time, if these are the people stifling your dreams with their 'You can’t do it' attitude, you need to do exactly as Arnold said - Ignore them.

If you want to achieve anything of value in life (this includes losing weight), you must TRUST YOURSELF. Back yourself, first and foremost. Too frequently we worry about what everybody else thinks. We give away our power, allowing them to make the big decisions for us. Just as we need to focus our efforts on cultivating our self-trust, we need to block out the negativity of the naysayers. 

And lastly, never give up! What ever you put your mind to, you can achieve. It is really that simple.The hard work you put in will be multiplied by the belief you have in yourself to achieve your goals. Don't quit, and remember to ignore the people who say you can't. 

Baron Grant

Baron Grant helps people lose weight who feel they have tried everything before. He not only helps them lose weight but also teaches them how to keep it off for good.
He is an expert at helping people lose massive amounts of weight FAST, helping them to be back in control of their own lives.
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