"I have tried lots of different meal plans and lots of different diets, I always end up falling off the wagon and going back and eating crap again. But this time with Baron checking in on me every day, I have  stuck with it "

- Danie has lost 20.3kg (44 Pounds) in just 9 weeks on the program! And another 9.2kg in the 5 weeks since she completed the program for a total weight loss of  29.5 kg in just 14 weeks!

"Before Baron I had tried a lot of different things, I went to the gym, I thought I was buying all the right foods from the supermarket and eating well and nothing was changing. Working with Baron has not only changed my body it has literally changed my life. I am a much more positive person now."

- Mel lost over 20kg (44 Pounds) on the program and continues to lose now.

"I feel like I have tried every diet you could possibly have. I have never been able to sustain it... I found on Barons program that I can eat as much food as I like, as long as it is the right food to eat. I don't have to worry about whether it's sustainable because I know I can keep doing    it "

- Ashlee lost 17.1kg (37 Pounds) in just 9 weeks on the program!

"A few months ago I got a really high blood pressure reading and it scared the life out of me. I realized that I had to make a change, I needed to lose weight. After seeing Baron's advert on facebook I decided to give him a call. It has been the best decision I could have made. I am so happy with my results so far, I now know how to keep losing all the weight I want."

- Belinda lost a total of 20.4kg (44 Pounds) in 9 weeks. This video was taken 6 weeks in!

"I am thrilled with my results. I have tried literally everything to lose weight. The meal plan is so simple and easy, also the whole family can enjoy it. There is so much variety so it kept me interested. 
The biggest change for me is the new habits that I have created. With both my food and exercise, I am now consistent everyday."

- Jo lost a total over 11kg (24 Pounds) in 9 weeks. 

"I must say, one of the best programs I have done. I am feeling great, none of my clothes fit, which is a bonus. The food was easy to prepare and yum. I have learnt that you can have as much food as you like as long as it is the right food. I am so happy with my results. Baron support really get you through."

- Deb lost a total over 13kg (28 Pounds) in 9 weeks. 

"I am 60 years old. I wanted to lose weight but I wasn't quite sure of how to do it. After my son died a couple of years ago, I lost all perspective of how to eat properly...Doing Baron's program I have learnt to eat properly, I know that I can continue to do this for the rest of my life."

- Dorothy lost over 13kg (28 Pounds) on the program

"When I started Baron's program I didn't know how to eat healthy I thought I was eating healthy and exercising but I was actually lazy.  Baron calling me everyday kicked me up the butt and kept me honest. I am super happy with my results"

- Gizelle lost over 12kg (26 Pounds) on the program

"What I love about this program is that Baz kept me accountable the whole time. Not only that, I leaned how to cook. The meals are great. I am eating food that I never thought I would eat. I can't recommend this program enough"

- Adam lost 10kg (22 Pounds) on the program

"Baron literally changed my life! He helped me to be honest with myself and I learned that whatever I want to do in my life I can do it! Because I now know what foods to eat and how much to eat. I am now in control of my weight. I know what to do and now have the motivation to actually do it."

- Tamara lost 11.4kg (25 pounds) on the program! 

"Working as an international salesperson I spend day after day in board rooms, on planes or sitting at my desk. My weight simply got out of control. I knew I had to do something about it. It was literally weighing me down. Baron's program is simply amazing! So simple and easy to follow. The difference in my life is truly remarkable."

- Joseph lost 14kg (30 pounds) on the program!

"Over the years I have been using food as an excuse to deal with how I feel. After working with Baron on this program, I know what to eat, when to eat and how much to eat. I am so happy with my results and feel that I am now back in control of my life."

- Owen lost 12.5kg (27.5 pounds) on the program!

"For years I was lying to myself about the reasons that I could not lose weight. I have literally tried almost every diet and pill you could imagine. Baron helped me to finally accept that there was no miracle pill or shake that was going to 'fix' my weight issues. Baron showed me what to do and held me accountable to doing it everyday. There is no way I am going to fail this time."

- Davina has lost 8.6kg (18 Pounds) and she is only 4 weeks into the program!
"With 9 children life can get crazy busy. Before starting Barons program I was simply not happy with how my body was feeling, I was doing everything for my kids and nothing for myself. I felt tired and sluggish. Since being on the program, I have not only lost a bunch of weight but I also feel so invigorated, I have more energy and I even need to buy new clothes. Happy days."

- Nattie has lost 7.5kg (16.5 Pounds) and she is only 5 weeks into the program!